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RAM Elettronca 1000

RAM Elettronca 1000

Elastic tape electronic metering device.


– 3 tension electronic metering device
– Adjustable sensitivity
– Universally compatible with any (new or used) sewing machine

Suitable for elastics band tapes up to 25 mm of width.

Low energy consumption

Elastic tapes can be applied from the top (standard feeding), bottom or side of the sewing machine.

The unit equipped with a mini-arm/free-standing pedestal. It allows RAM 1000 to be moved from one machine to another without unnecessary alterations of the machine, like drills and holes.

The only connection between the unit and the machine is the material being metered and therefore is uneffected by alteration of the stitch length and by the speed of the sewing machine.

Class: used

Location: Bulgaria, East Europe

Delivery: on stock

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